Tidbit Teaser

“Between classes, I went to the supermarket to put those flyers on the parked cars. I only had about 35 minutes before my next class, but since the parking lot was close, I figured it would be quick.”

“The market on South Grant Street, right?”

At this point, Meri was sniffling, “Yes. I was working on the second row. I had just finished slipping a flyer for the dog grooming business onto the windshield of a Mazda when I was confronted by a belligerent woman who demanded that I remove the flyer from the car. It wasn’t even hers. When I pointed that out, she started arguing with me.”

“I’m afraid to ask…”

“I slapped a flyer on her children of the corn, hand-print infested mini-van. She went ballistic. The police might have gotten involved. My boss found out, and that was it. Fired.”

A small noise on the other end of the line made Meri sniff again. “Are you laughing?”

“You slapped a flyer on her mini-van as she was yelling at you?”

Meri bit the inside of her mouth to keep from laughing. “The flyer she was yelling about wasn’t even on her car. So, I fixed that for her. Then the argument made more sense!”


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